Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA), a non-political voluntary welfare organization was established in 2001. After the liberation in 1971, the National Orthopedic Hospital was established for the treatment and rehabilitation of the war victims. Instant demand of physiotherapy service leaded to start of physiotherapy course in 1973. Unfortunately the course was stopped after two groups of students trained to degree level. Only few qualified Physiotherapists stayed in Bangladesh and other left. In 1994 Physiotherapy graduation course was started again under the medicine faculty of the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (BHPI) and National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (NITOR). Afterwards the graduation course was also introduced in People's University of Bangladesh ,GonoBishwabiddalya (GB), Bangladesh Medical College (BMC) and State University of Bangladesh (SUB). As the qualified physiotherapists started their professional practice they found that malpractice had already became a threat and the maintaining standard of physiotherapy education was another bigger issue. Besides, there was no post graduation training, continuous professional development training, and awareness. Qualified therapists did not get job opportunity or chance of practice due to lack of awareness amongst the people about the new profession. Clients could not judge properly to receive proper treatment and advices for their physical conditions such as disease and disability due to lack of awareness. Even patient was not referred to Physiotherapists by other health care professionals. The emergent need of preventing malpractice and ensuring quality of standard education demanded the existence of a national physiotherapy organization. So, Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) was formed in 2001 in recognition of Bangladesh Government. Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) got the provisional membership of World Confederation of Physical Therapists (WCPT) in 2006. Finally BPA has been awarded as a full mmeber organization of WCPT through its congress at Vancouver in Canada in 2007.