Mission & Vision

BPA vision, mission and objectives:

Vision: To establish professional rights of Physiotherapists.

Mission: To create an environment where profession is regulated and is considered the key approach of health and rehabilitation by its stakeholders.


a)      To upgrade the physiotherapy profession through encouraging high standard ethical practice and quality researches as per the need of the country.

b)      To enhance physiotherapy education through supporting universities/institutes with setting up standard, infrastructure and quality system development, assist in reviewing curriculum time to time, organize teacher training, create opportunity for the students in clinical placements.

c)       To disseminate evidence based clinical practice information through national and international seminars, workshops and conferences.

d)      To establish the rights of the Physiotherapy professionals through advocating with Government in terms of establish college, council and job opportunities at the Government hospitals and rehabilitation centers.    

e)       Support international Physiotherapists qualified from Bangladesh with registration and in credentialing.

f)      To provide registration for eligible Physiotherapists in Bangladesh.

g)      To attend World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress (WCPT)and represent Bangladesh.

h)        To publish IEC materials for raising awareness among the general people about the needs of Physiotherapy profession for prevention, rehabilitation and cure of different non-communicable diseases.

i)        To publish peer review international standard journal.

j)      To work with its national and international partners including WCPT, Asia Western Pacific body of WCPT, European Union, Handicap International, American Physical Therapy Association, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Canadian Physical Therapy association, Australian Physical Therapy Association in order to develop Global Physiotherapy standard or implement any project related to the benefit of the poor and disabled people in Bangladesh for the greater interest of the country.

k)        To provide registration the college/institute officering Physiotherapy programs and help them to build up the capacity.

l)    To start community based physiotherapy services for poor and distressed people in the rural community.

m)      To assist poor and disabled people in accomplishing mobility aids, assistive devices, wheel chair and special seating services where rehabilitation professional are not adequate in number.

n)      To work with stakeholders for prevention of road traffic injury and other form of non-communicable disease.

o)      To support Government to obtain sustainable development goal (SDG).

p)      To regulate and control the physiotherapy professionals and their practice, until a regulatory authority is formed by government of Bangladesh.

q)       To organize continuous professional development (CPD) course / to approve CPD for other organizers.