Membership Benefits

For Physical Therapists

As a qualified physiotherapist, you can enjoy many great benefits from full BPA membership.

  • BPA's advocacy efforts help you stay on top of the issues important to you and your patients
  • BPA gives you the public relations and marketing tools you need to share the benefits of physical therapy with consumers and other health care professionals.
  • BPA helps you to discover more opportunities to connect through your local chapter and special-interest sections.
  • BPA educational programs and our active community members always strive to share valuable tips and strategies to help your business thrive.
  • BPA's Web site gives you a constant connection to the professional resources you need as you practice. Your membership gives you quick and easy access to clinical research that supports evidence-based physical therapy practice across practice settings and specialty areas. BPA's Open Door: Free online access to text articles and abstracts health care-oriented periodicals. PT Journal (PTJ): State-of-the-art research, case reports, technical reports, literature reviews, and perspectives on clinical and professional issues.


For students

BPA membership provides benefits that can help you stay up to date on advancements in the profession, enhance your academic knowledge, ace your clinical rotations, connect with special interest groups and chapters.

·You will get The latest physiotherapy news, features and jobs delivered directly to you in BPA’s website.

·Peer support from thousands of physiotherapists through interactive BPA with its dedicated online student forum

·Representation through a network of specially trained student reps and co-ordinators, at local, regional and nationaal level, working to ensure that your voice is heard

·Expert lobbying on your behalf – particularly aimed at improving job prospects for physiotherapy graduates

·Resources and tools to support your Continuing Professional Development

·Comprehensive Library and Information Service providing access to an online library catalogue, databases, e-resources.


Legal Protection

Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association is always comitted to protect its members. Hereby in the year 2011, it did a writ to the honorable Supreme Court of People's Republic of Bangladesh. Accourding to this writ and its consequence, the Physiotherapists of Bangladesh can practice independently usinf the prefix (Dr), but they have to completye the graduation degree.


Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association also did a writ to uplift the dignity of Physiotherapy Professionals recently challenging a Government Order. It also have a seperate writ aganist those who are creating the professional conflicts.

please contact with BPA Office for any of the legal help. You are always welcome hereby.